quarta-feira, outubro 15, 2008

16-18 October

Southern European Democracies: Legacies of the Past and International Constraints
Lisbon Research Seminar16–18 October 2008
Organization: António Costa Pinto and Diogo Moreira
THURSDAY 16 October 2008
09.00 Opening Session: The Authoritarian Past in Contemporary Southern European Democracies—António Costa Pinto, ICS-UL
09.30 Authoritarian Legacies and Attitudes towards the Past in Southern European Democracies: The State of the Art—Leonardo Morlino, Instituto Italiano di Scienze Umane
10.00 Coffee break
10.30 Chair and Discussant – Nancy Bermeo, Oxford UniversityItaly—Marco Tarchi, Università degli Studi di FirenzeGreece—Dimitris A. Sotiropoulos, University of Athens
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Chair and Discussant – Nancy Bermeo, Oxford UniversityPortugal—António Costa Pinto, ICS-UL
Spain— Carsten Humlebaek, Copenhagen Business School
16.00 Coffee break
16.30 Comparing Portugal and Spain Chair and Discussant – Alexandra Barahona de Brito, IEEI, Lisbon
The Criminalisation of the Portuguese Political Police—Filipa Raimundo, European University Institute
Police Forces and the legacy of repression in iberian democracies—Diego Palacios Cerezales, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
The Radical Right in the Transition Period: Portugal and Spain in a Comparative Perspective – Riccardo Marchi, ICS-UL
Purging the Judiciary in the Portuguese Transition to Democracy—Maria Inácia Rezola, Escola Superior de Comunicação Social Discussion
18.00 Summing up—Stein Larsen, University of Bergen
Friday 17 October 2008
09.00 Foreign Policy and South European DemocratisationsChair and Discussant: Leonardo Morlino, Instituto Italiano di Scienze Umane
The Foreign Policy of Transitions to Democracy: Introduction—Diogo Moreira, ICS-UL
Effects of Autocratic Regime Crisis in the Democratisation of Countries—Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, University of Essex
Spain—Juan Carlos Pereira, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
10.30 Coffee break
10.45 Chair and Discussant: António Costa Pinto, ICS-UL
Greece—Charalambos Tsardanidis, Director, Institute of International Economic Relations, Athens
Italy— Antonio Varsori, Università degli Studi di Padova
Portugal—Diogo Moreira, ICS-UL Discussion
13.00 Lunch
16.30 Perspectives of Democratisation on Central and Eastern Europe, and BeyondChair and Discussant: Madalena Meyer Resende, IPRI-UNL
The EU and Democracy Promotion: Influence Through 'Modeling' – Laura C. Ferreira-Pereira, University of Minho
Democratization Process in Russia and Belarus: The Role of Colour Revolutions – Alena Vysotskaya, University of Minho
Post-Soviet transition in the South Caucasus: one step forward, two steps back – Maria Raquel Freire, University of Coimbra
Political Liberalisation in Morocco – Isabel Alcario, ICS-UL Discussion
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